Nova Scotia Before and After Program

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About This Project

The Nova Scotia Before-and-After Program is a partnership between The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD) and the Department of Communities, Cultures and Heritage (CCH). The program is supportive of the Nova Scotia’s Let’s Get Moving Action Plan as well as Nova Scotia’s Early Learning Curriculum Framework and is guided by the following key pillars:

  • 24-hour movement guidelines
  • Outdoor Play
  • Physical Literacy
  • Inclusive and culturally responsive practices

These pillars are reinforced within the program standard that outline the importance of outdoor play, movement, and physical literacy-based framework in contributing to better health for children, the acquisition of lifelong skills, and quality early learning experiences.To ensure all programs meet this standard all staff are required to attend provincial training supporting outdoor play and inclusive and culturally responsive practices.


This program was influenced by the Position Statement on Active Outdoor Play and it is used as rationale for creating outdoor play as one of the key pillars of NS-BAP, and as a way to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles for children attending the program.

Learn more about the Nova Scotia Before and After program here.