Ottawa Outdoor Gear Library

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About This Project

Ottawa Outdoor Gear Library aims to enable more people to enjoy the benefits of being active outdoors, promote equity and reduce barriers to access nature in the city and beyond. In the process, they are supporting the sharing economy and reducing waste by using donated equipment. The purpose of the Library is to provide opportunities for individuals and groups to borrow equipment with as few barriers as possible. They believe that cost should not prevent opportunities to try new activities and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of recreation and connecting with nature.


Their donation Wishlist includes items like hula hoops, badminton sets, soccer balls, reference guidebooks to identify flora/fauna, binoculars, nordic walking poles, hiking boots, PFD lifejackets, bicycles, yoga mats, fishing rods and so much more.


Learn more about the Ottawa Outdoor Gear Library and see their Wishlist here.