Who We Are

Outdoor Play Canada is a growing network of leaders and organizations working together to galvanize an outdoor play movement across Canada.

Our Work

Our aim is to reach multi-sector practitioners, and decision makers who influence and shape the time, space, and affordance children have for outdoor play.

We know that:

  1. Outdoor play is essential because kids are healthier, more resilient, stronger and more active when they play outside.
  2. Kids with regular access to unstructured, child-directed outdoor
    play have better-developed motor skills, social behaviour, independence, conflict resolution skills, learn successfully and form a lasting, positive relationship with nature.
  3. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child guards every child’s right to engage in play.






  1. Children in Canada are not habitually playing outdoors, and this is having detrimental impacts on healthy child development.
  2. Only 8% of Canadian children and youth are active enough for healthy child development.
  3. Just 37% of children play outside every day.
  4. Only 7% of kids under 10 are allowed to go out on their own.

Thank You to Our Partners

With support from the Lawson Foundation and the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Outdoor Play Canada was formed as a collaborative multi-sector network of researchers, practitioners, leaders, educators and advocates committed to increasing every child’s opportunity for outdoor play.

Through knowledge mobilization, we want to connect and align efforts by sharing resources, tools, training, research and stories. This hub is designed to be an evidence-informed ‘north star’ to support child-centred decision making in our communities and sectors.