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About This Project

In 2013, The City of Calgary was selected to host the 20th International Play Association Triennial World Conference. We believe in the power of play, and we saw an opportunity for a legacy component to the conference that will have a lasting impact on how we play in Calgary. YYC Plays, a collective of organizations, set to discover what play means to Calgary and has been focusing discussion and energy in the development of a Calgary Play Charter. This Charter is intended to be a unifying document outlining why we believe play is important and how, in working together, we can create a community that supports and encourages comprehensive play opportunities for all Calgary children. The creation of the Play Charter was generously funded by The Lawson Foundation. To read the Charter, visit


See also the How to Create a Local Play Charter: A Practical Guide, which contains “how to” guides that are intended to help municipalities and organizations improve play in their communities. They are based on the experiences of The City of Calgary who, since 2016, facilitated the creation, signing, and ongoing appraisal of the Calgary Play Charter as well as the development and implementation of a Mobile Adventure Playground.