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The history of outdoor play advocacy, practice and research in Canada is diverse and strong. Recently, there has been a marked increase in multi-sector efforts to align our work and build a movement together.

Position Statement

We conducted two systematic reviews to examine the best available scientific evidence on the net effect (i.e., balance of benefits vs. harms) of outdoor and risky active play.


Knowledge mobilization is an important part of increasing every child's access to outdoor play. Use these evidence-informed tools to support outdoor play in your community.

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We believe that risk is a valuable component of play.

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We believe that if all parents, neighbours, care providers, practitioners, policy makers, researchers, educators, insurance providers, schools and municipalities better understood the value of outdoor play for physical, mental, emotional, social and environmental health and development, they’d be more likely to prioritize, initiate, nurture and support efforts to get everyone, of all ages, outside.

If we want outdoor play to be an integral part of daily life in Canada, we’re going to have to get our hands dirty. Roll up your sleeves and join us.


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