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Play Ambassadors

Alberta, Loose Parts Play, Outdoor Play Environments, Parents, Practice, Research
OPS 1.0
About This Project

From 2015-2017, Vivo for Healthier Generations implemented its Play Ambassadors pilot outdoor play program in north-central Calgary. The goals of this program were to:

1) Increase unstructured, outdoor play through the creation of enriching environments for play.
2) Increase the quality of unstructured, outdoor play by training community members as Play Ambassadors in an evidence-based curriculum for play facilitation.
3) Evaluate the effectiveness of the above.

This project was funded by the Lawson Foundation as part of the Outdoor Play Strategy 1.0. In November 2018, Vivo transitioned the Play Ambassador program into the larger-scale Vivo Play Project.


Learn more about Play Ambassadors here.