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UpLift for Healthier Generations

Cross-Sectoral Connections, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Health, Wellbeing & Development, Loose Parts Play, Nova Scotia, Outdoor Play Environments, Parents, Policy, Practice, Research & Data Collection
About This Project

UpLift for Healthier Generations, a policy initiative focused on unstructured outdoor play for children and youth in Nova Scotia, aims to promote community contribution to physical activity and complement school physical activity policy. The policy development framework of UpLift consists of the following:

  1. Examine child health and well-being in communities
  2. Develop a definition of unstructured outdoor play
  3. Understand the components of a policy development process
  4. Review local, provincial, and national plans
  5. Identify the barriers and assets to outdoor play
  6. Bring forward evidence and what youth and parents say
  7. Develop a vision, goals and policy actions towards promoting unstructured outdoor play

Learn more about UpLift for Healthier Generations here.