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Calgary Play Charter Collective Impact 2018


Collective Impact has been lauded as a way to demonstrate how many organizations focused on common outcomes can  make big differences. In 2017 the City of Calgary and 36 organizations came together to create a play charter.

Calgary’s Play Charter is intended to be a unifying document outlining why we believe play is important and how, in working

together, we can create a community that supports and encourages comprehensive play opportunities for all Calgary children.

One year after the signing of the charter a report was released that shared what the impact of that collective work was. (Click here for the complete report.)

The charter identified 7 high leverage focus areas and the following are key highlights of this work:

  • 8 organizations initiated play marketing and communication projects reaching 48,715 people
  • 11 organizations formed 51 new partnerships specifically focused on play initiatives
  • 8 organizations opened 27 new spaces that incorporated features inviting people to play more creatively
  • 6 organizations created 10 new policies to facilitate play
  • 12 organizations integrated play into 200 programs that impacted over 230,600 participants

The charter was recently re-signed by over 40 organizations and summary  report cards will be issued annually. For more information please contact Sarah Papineau (