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The Power of Play: releasing January 20th

The Power of Play: releasing January 20th

On January 20th, 2019 at 8pm, The Nature of Things will be releasing a documentary called The Power of Play.

In addition to talking about the importance of play in children, the documentary touches on play in mammals, amphibians, reptiles and even insects!

We know humans and pets love to play, but it is interesting to watch some unusual animals, such as the giant Pacific octopus, exhibit playful behaviours.  Watch a short clip here!

Play is deeply rooted and allows humans and other animals to communicate with a range of life on this planet, and is extremely important for human development.

The documentary features several scholars including Stuart Brown, a California psychiatrist known as the “grandfather” or play research, Vancouver researcher Mariana Brussoni, who focuses on the importance of risky outdoor play  for children’s healthy development, and Norway professor Ellen Sandseter, who researches children’s risky play in early childhood education centres.

You can view a trailer and read a description of the documentary here!