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Opportunity to name the new building in the forest

Opportunity to name the new building in the forest

New Forest SChool Pic 1

Andrew Fleck Children’s Services (AFCS), in partnership with Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group and Child and Nature Alliance of Canada, are building a licensed child care program in the forest, and it’s time to decide what to call this new, wonderful location! They are seeking ideas from near and far, hoping to find a name that:

  • captures the magic of the forest;
  • reflects our commitment to child-centred, interest-led, inquiry-driven, educator-supported, learning and connecting through play on the land;
  • resonates with children, families and the community;
  • demonstrates we are creating opportunities to build an ongoing relationship with the land;
  • identifies that while every day is different, play, exploration, and connection to each other and the land threads through our adventures.


How to contribute and next steps:

Submit your idea(s) by March 25, 2022, here:

  • All ideas will be reviewed by the Naming Committee (made up of AFCS staff and parent representatives)
  • A minimum of 5 (no more than 10) options will be selected
  • All contributors, AFCS families, staff and the community (regardless of whether they submitted ideas or not) will be invited to participate in an online voting process
  • The top 3 names, and up to 2 more as selected by the committee, will be shared with the Board of AFCS on April 27, 2022 for final approval
  • By summer they will announce the new name!