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Outdoor Play Strategic Consultation Group Application

Outdoor Play Canada, before its formal organization, was responsible for the development and release of the Position Statement on Active Outdoor Play in 2015. This Statement had a significant impact on uniting the Outdoor Play sector, providing direction and a common purpose – promoting children’s healthy growth and development through outdoor play. To build on and expand this impactful trajectory Outdoor Play Canada is developing the ‘Outdoor Play in Canada: State of the Sector Report’ to serve as a chronology of where we were, an account of where we are at, and a map of where we need to go from here. This process aims to bring diverse stakeholders together, create a sense of ‘community’ within the Outdoor Play sector, provide a common vision for the sector to thrive and succeed over the next five years, and identify priorities for action.

Outdoor Play Canada is seeking individuals within the Outdoor Play sector to participate in the consultation and development process for the State of the Sector Report. Participants will be responsible for reviewing the initial draft of the Report and providing feedback in a series of online meetings beginning in November 2020.

Criteria: Enthusiastic individuals involved in outdoor play and related sectors across the lifespan in Canada. We are seeking to create a multi-disciplinary group that can provide diverse perspective and input.

Submission Process: Kindly complete the form below including the two questions provided and return your completed application as an email attachment to: by September 16, 2020. Successful applicants will be contacted by email at the end of September.

Deadline to Submit: September 16, 2020

Application Form: Strategic Consultation Group Application Form