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2022 Risky Play Webinars

Over the next few months, OPC’s Dr. Mariana Brussoni will be presenting a number of webinars on the benefits of risky play for children’s health and development. Keep reading to learn more about where, when, and how to attend!

On January 31st at 9:00 am ET, Dr. Brussoni will be presenting on ‘The health issue of risky play and public policy in Canada: why risky outdoor play is more important than ever’. This talk is part of a symposium on risk in children’s nature play, within the Childhood and Nature Festival, organized by the Early Childhood Academy and Terra Symbiosis Foundation based out of Strasbourg. Learn more and register here.

On February 18th, Dr. Brussoni will be presenting about risky play in schools at the 2022 Physical and Health Education Virtual National Conference. This event is geared towards health and physical educators and will be available live and on-demand (all webinars will be recorded). Learn more and register here.

On March 2nd, Dr. Brussoni will be speaking at the virtual BC Early Years Conference 2022: Disruption and Transformation. Learn more and register here.

On April 7th, Dr. Brussoni will be participating in a webinar organized by the University of Copenhagen. This webinar will discuss risky play and will also include risky play research experts Dr. Ellen Sandseter along with several other Norwegian colleagues. Learn more and register here.